30 Jul 2014

Tokyo – The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that two YOKOHAMA tyre brands, “BluEarth” and “GEOLANDAR” have been selected as original equipment (OE) on the new Lexus NX, Lexus’ first premium compact crossover SUV. The selected YOKOHAMA tyres are the “BluEarth E51” and the “GEOLANDAR G91”. The equipped tyre sizes vary by region and tyre, as follows:

225/60R18 100H BluEarth E51

225/60R18 100H GEOLANDAR G91

225/65R17 102H GEOLANDAR G91

*Tyres vary by country

The “BluEarth E51” applies the basic design and material technologies used in YOKOHAMA’s “BluEarth” brand of fuel-efficient tyres, developed under the basic concept of “environmentally, human, and socially friendly.” The “BluEarth E51” enhances the vehicle’s fuel efficiency while providing excellent utility performance as well as a safe and comfortable ride suitable for a luxury SUV. The “GEOLANDAR G91” is based on YOKOHAMA’s “GEOLANDAR” series for SUVs, which employs YOKOHAMA’s most advanced tyre technologies, including the “BluEarth” technology. In addition to providing the utility performance required of SUVs, the “GEOLANDAR G91” contributes to the fuel-efficiency, safety, and comfort required of today’s urban crossovers and compact SUVs. The tyre wall bears the “BluEarth” technology mark.

The NX carries on the Lexus tradition of impressively refined and stylish designs while providing superior drivability and the environmental performance demanded of today’s urban crossovers.

YOKOHAMA Rubber is aggressively developing tyres employing its “BluEarth” technology, with these tyres already adopted as original equipment on many new eco car and hybrid vehicle models.