17 Jul 2017

The second round of the 2017 Lebanese Hill Climb Championship concluded this afternoon in Baabdat with Roger Feghali going quickest of all to claim the overall victory.


Roger’s best combined time was 2:44.10, 3 seconds quicker than the combined time set by Garo Haroutiounian, who finished 2nd overall, followed by Paul Kossaifi in 3rd.


Naoum Oneissy won the rear-wheel drive class, with Nino Ghantous 2nd in the category and Carlos Merhi 3rd.


Patrick Njeim went home with the front-wheel drive class, beating his brother Matthias, who settled for 2nd place in the category, while Richard Ibrahim ended up 3rd.


Michel Zgheib won in the Group N class in his first race on a Mitsubishi Evo, defeating Rodrigue Rahi and Nadim Halabi, who completed the Group N podium in 2nd and 3rd respectively.


In other categories, Elie Charbel triumphed in SM6, Roger Feghali in SM5, Naoum Oneissy in SM4, Richard Ibrahim in SM3, Michel Zgheib in RC2, Patrick Njeim in RC3, Matthias Njeim in RC4 and Antoine Feghali in RC5.


Rank Driver Vehicle   Combined Time
1 Roger Feghali Mitsubishi Evo VI   2:44.10
2 Garo Haroutiounian Mitsubishi Evo IX   2:47.29
3 Paul Kossaifi Mitsubishi Evo IX   2:49.05
4 Michel Slaiby Mitsubishi Evo VIII   2:50.83
5 Naoum Oneissy BMW E30   2:53.76
6 Nino BMW E46   2:54.85
7 Eddy Abou Karam Hyundai i20 R5   2:55.99
8 Michel Zgheib Mitsubishi Evo IX   2:57.47
9 Rodrigue Rahi Mitsubishi Evo IX   2:57.80
10 Joseph Hindy Mitsubishi Evo X   2:58.51
11 Nadim Halabi Mitsubishi Evo IX   2:58.92
12 Tony Helou Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:00.84
13 Elie Charbel Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:02.16
14 Elie Atallah Subaur Impreza   3:03.33
15 Jawad Slim Mitsubishi Evo X   3:03.91
16 Carlos Merhi BMW 135i   3:04.32
17 Rony Asmar Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:04.33
18 Patrick Njeim Citroen DS3 R3   3:04.33
19 Jad Al Awar Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:06.05
20 Matthias Njeim Peugeot 208   3:08.32
21 Karim Hmadi Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:10.75
22 Mike Kassouf Mitsubishi Evo IX   3:11.71
23 Richard Ibrahim Peugeot 306   3:11.88
24 Gerges Dargham BMW E30   3:12.43
25 Majed Khoury Skoda Fabia R2   3:12.86
26 Mansour Chebli Mitsubishi Evo VIII   3:13.53
27 Roger Bridi Renault Clio   3:14.42
28 Ahmad Khaled Mitsubishi Evo VIII   3:15.59
29 Hani Raad BMW E46   3:19.33
30 Antoine Feghali Suzuki Swift Sport   3:35.07


Article by biser3a