27 Dec 2016

The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd was established in Japan in 1917.

Since then, YOKOHAMA has evolved into a leading Global company with diverse business interests of which around 80% is the manufacturing of premium quality Tyres for all vehicles.  Additionally Yokohama uses its know-how and expertise in rubber polymer to produce industrial products for the Marine and Aerospace industry as well as professional Golf products.

With a continuous commitment to create products that benefit society, using materials and processes which are environmentally and socially friendly, YOKOHAMA will soon be celebrating 100 years of pioneering technology and innovations which have been recognised through numerous prestigious International awards.

Within the Tyre manufacturing industry, YOKOHAMA is one of the global leaders, showing dynamism through such innovation and the ability to provide the high quality and reliability expected from the World’s Premium Car manufacturers as an Original Equipment partner.

Through its network of Distributors across Europe and the World, production facilities well spread around several continents, highly advanced research and development centres in Japan, own test circuits around the world, the collaboration with top specialists and the knowledge and expertise obtained day by day, YOKOHAMA continues to strengthen its presence internationally.

Through its efforts and partnerships at the highest levels of professional motorsports, in Championships such as the FIA World Touring Car Championship, or many of its multiple involvements at a national and local level in Rallies, Formula 3 or similar, YOKOHAMA is becoming a household name.

As the Official Shirt partner of the English Premier Division team Chelsea Football Club, YOKOHAMA has also shown it feels close to sports teams who work hard daily to improve their skills and compete at the highest level through teamwork and fair play. To spread such values around the world YOKOHAMA chose football as the most global platform to highlight this and Chelsea FC as a prime example of such philosophy. YOKOHAMA shares many other aspects in common with Chelsea FC. A strong and long tradition, significant historical achievements, innovation and development, continuous search for high quality, strong community involvement and a sense of pride in what it represents. 

For many years YOKOHAMA have focused on developing products which are beneficial to society as a whole and have dedicated many efforts in developing new technology that enhances the safety of its customers offering energy efficient, high-performance tyres and a comfortable driving experience. In fact many of the benefits that YOKOHAMA tyre users enjoy today have been developed thanks to the intense tyre development programmes on the most demanding race tracks around the world.

As it approaches its 100th Anniversary and with European Head Offices in Dusseldorf, Germany, YOKOHAMA is well placed to support its customers needs and expectations, further into the future.