27 Jun 2016

Japanese Tyre manufacturer YOKOHAMA recently invited a large group of dealers to the Nürburgring as part of its Summer Test Drive Event. The event which is held annually, aims to show the superior performance and features of the latest YOKOHAMA tyres in a range of tests under different conditions. Many of the tests are comparative with competitor products.


On this occasion YOKOHAMA invited around 130 European dealers for the educational/practical experience at the Nürburgring which not only showcased some of its new products but also putting them to the excitement of testing at the legendary track and with expert assistance of members of the YOKOHAMA Tyre Test team who have a permanent Test Centre in the area and instructors from the Nürburgring.  Product information and technical seminars also formed part of the programme.


The new All-Terrain GEOLANDAR A/T G015, On-Off Road tyre for SUVs developed to support the active vehicle lifestyle of drivers by delivering superior performance on any road surface under any weather condition was also a firm favourite among the dealers at the event. The use of an optimised tread pattern and new compound increases the tyre’s wear performance and traction performance on wet and snow-covered roads and displays the snow flake marking.


The second new product launched earlier in the year and tested at the Nürburgring was the ADVAN FLEVA V701 which has been developed from the high-performance ADVAN range, and which covers a wide range of vehicles: including sports cars, sedan and station wagon, compact cars and SUVs. As key features the directional tread provides ultimate control over the vehicle as well as giving the joy of driving a real boost.


Additionally the semi-slick ADVAN A052 which is the road-legal race tyre was tested on the Grand Prix circuit and demonstrated extremely stable handling with excellent cornering and high grip on wet and dry roads.