Sport cars
Club racers


Developed to be the fastest street tyre in the world
Amazing dry grip and durability on the track
Street-tyre property on wet and dry grip, and tread wear
Living in two worlds - Ready to go from the track to the street


MS Compound with H.D.C . (MS: Micro Silica; H.D.C.: Hyper Density Carbon) for Grip on wet and dry, treadwear
Steel Sidewall Inserts for Handling Control
Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs for Stability and reducing uneven wear
Unibloc Shoulder with HydroARC Channels
The amazing ADVAN Neova AD08 has been meticulously developed by the industry’s top engineers to be the fastest street tyre in the world. Utilizing technologies derived from the research and development of world class racing tyres, they have created a tyre without compromise. Born on the racetrack.
Enhanced Grip & Durability