The MY507 is an ideal all-position tire for on-and-off highway logging, cement and construction operations. It utilizes Yokohama’s revered STEM-2 technology to dramatically improve strain energy dispersion for improved retreadability and longer overall casing life. This tire’s sturdy, wide-tread construction and thick undertread protect against cutting and chipping. With up to a 26/32” tread depth, the MY507 delivers incredible steer-axle and overall mileage during original tread life.

Features and Benefits:

Four-rugged contra-diagonal ribs with aggressive buttressed shoulders give full directional and steering stability on steering axles, as well as excellent traction and braking on drive axles.

Wide, block-type rib pattern increases block rigidity, provides outstanding wear resistance, and delivers excellent traction in mud, snow and wet conditions.

Funnel-shaped grooves help prevent stone retention and injury to belt package, extending casing integrity.

High strength belt construction helps to protect against rust and stone penetration damage, while also minimizing tread distortion and heat generation.

Two protection chafers – steel and nylon – double the strength and integrity to add extra life to this tire.