Durability and high performance under the toughest regional haul and in-city conditions are the hallmarks of the RY023. This sure-footed, five-rib, all-position workhorse features a tough band of additional rubber that protects the sidewall from scrubbing damage caused by curbing and other regional haul and in-city application abuses.

Features and benefits:

Rock-ejector platforms keep stones and debris out of the grooves to help thwart irregular wear and enhance durability.

Sidewall abrasion guard, a tough band of additional rubber, reduces damage to the sidewall caused by curbing and other accidental scrubbing.

Five-rib tread pattern with semi-rounded shoulders reduces the potential for shoulder ripping and tearing while enhancing lateral stability, water dispersion and overall traction.

Hexagonal bead base allows for easier mounting and even pressure along the entire circumference of the wheel for smooth rolling as well as increased driver comfort.