The Y773 is an all-position, conventional profile radial tire for on-and off highway operations. Its sturdy wide-tread construction and thick undertread protect against cutting and chipping. With top belt, made of steel cord material, the tire afford protection against stone penetration and also provide outstanding retreadability. Designed to withstand severe conditions, the Y773 offer enhanced durability and high-carrying capacity.

Features and Benefits:

Low Temperature Cap Tread Compound minimizes tread distortion and heat generation.

Four Rugged, Contra-Diagonal Ribs with aggressive buttressed shoulders give full directional and steering stability on steering axles, as well as excellent traction and braking on drive axles.

Special Bead Shape reduces distortion of the bead area during mounting to protect against chipping.

Sidewall Protector Ribs help guard against sidewall scuffing and abrasion damage.