On-Highway In-City All Position

The Y785R is ideal for all-position radial tire use for in-city haulers such as package-delivery vehicles, oil-delivery vehicles, light-duty vans and pickups. It has proven, for over a decade, that it’s an excellent tire in its class and that it delivers excellent fuel economy. Its straight, five-rib tread design promotes even treadwear and, together with the wide shoulder ribs, delivers a smooth ride, easy handling and improved shoulder step wear. It’s manufactured in a number of sizes for special applications including low platform, heavy load and on/off road.

Features and Benefits:


Straight five-rib tread design with four wide grooves reduces stone retention and provides a smooth ride, improved handling and superior wet traction.

Wide shoulder ribs reduce shoulder step wear.

Extremely fuel-efficient compounds ensure better fuel economy while providing excellent integrity and durability.