• Pattern Description

    1) Directional Tread Pattern
    2) Claw Grooves
    3) Wide Sword Grooves
    4) Lightning-shaped Straight Grooves

    Directional pattern enhances water evacuation. 
    Lightning-shaped straight groove expels water when driving on wet roads and improves drainage.

  • Most Advanced ADVAN Profile

    - Profile adapted from the ADVAN Sport V105
    - Improvement of the steering stability by high speed range requested by European car manufacturers
    - Improvement of optimisation of the ground contact

  • 2 in 1 Contrasting Pitch

    Differentiating between the pitch layout for the shoulder and centre.
    - Increased tread pattern stiffness realises a more direct feeling of handling
    - Optimised ground contact area
    - Reduced tire noise and enhanced ride quietness

  • Environmental New Sport Compound

    Several polymer are blended in the so-called "nanoBLEND compound". It was designed for the optimum balance of superior wet grip performance, high fuel efficiency and wear resistance.

  • Low Noise Sport Tire

    Non-penetrating Lug Groove pattern increases the overall performance.
    In contrast to the main groove, the non-penetrating lug grooves increase the performance in several ways.
    - Suppresses popping noise for a quiter ride
    - Suppresses heel & toe friction, as well as noise caused by tire friction
    - Increases block stiffness and enhances the direct feeling and handling.
    - EU grading up to C/A