• New MS (Micro Silica) Compound with H.D.C. (Hyper Density Carbon)

    YOKOHAMA’s advanced tread compound delivers unprecedented street-tyre grip in wet or dry conditions, while improving treadwear.

  • Steel Sidewall Inserts

    Specially placed steel inserts help resist lateral deflection while providing superior handling control and enhanced cornering.

  • Optimised Contact Patch

    Low void to tread ratio keeps more rubber-to-road contact for maximum performance.

  • Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs

    These wavy centre ribs add stability and lightningfast steering response during high-speed driving. Outer rib walls are rounded to reduce uneven treadwear.

  • Unibloc Shoulder With Hydroarc Channels

    These extra-wide shoulder blocks provide constant rubber-to road contact for improved lateral stability during high-speed cornering. The uniquely shaped HydroARC Channels effectively cut through water to deliver supreme grip in wet conditions.