• Optimized Contact Patch

    Equalizes pressure distribution where the tread contacts the road to promote long, even wear.

  • 2-in-1 Large Blocks

    Maximize block stiffness, increasing lateral stability for improved dry handling.

  • Z-Grooves

    Create large biting edges for increased snow traction

  • Optimized Sidewall Construction

    Is achieved by extending the sidewall reinforcement higher up to deliver the perfect blend of responsive handling and ride comfort.

  • Performance Shoulder

    Features outside shoulder blocks that are extra-large to enhance cornering.

  • Advanced Compound

    Our new compound enables all-season handling with exceptional wear resistance. Advanced polymers keep the tread pliable in cold temperatures, while extra silica provides superior wet and winter grip.

  • Wavy Sipes

    Increase edge control for superior wet handling.

  • 4-Pitch Tread Variation

    Reduces pattern noise by varying the size of the blocks.

  • 1 Sepentine & 3 Straight Grooves

    Evacuate water from within the tread and enhance wet grip. The serpentine groove provides powerful snow-shearing force for confident winter traction.