• Variable Pitch Tread Design

    Reduces pattern noise, offering a quiet and comfortable ride.

  • Asymmetrical Pattern

    Wider tread blocks on the outside of the tread enhance dry performance, while the increased groove area on the inner  portion maximizes wet performance.

  • Sport Compound 5S

     Developed with leading European car manufacturers to create high levels of wet and dry grip.

  • Unique Sport Profile Ribs

    Precisely control ground pressure for improved stability at high speeds, while promoting regular wear.

  • Circumferential Grooves

    Optimum groove placement allows the widest circumferential groove to gravitate to the center of the contact patch under  lateral load, enhancing wet grip during high-speed cornering.

  • Matrix Rayon Body Ply

    Incorporating race tire technology, body plies constructed of lightweight, heat resistant material are turned up from the sidewall at a precise angle for increased rigidity and enhanced steering precision.

  • Quiet Sipes Design

    Strategically placed sipes on the inside ribs provide excellent grip and reduced road noise.