• Longer Tread Life

    TriBLEND COMPOUND: An all-new triBlend Compound and an ultra-square contact patch produce long, even wear that retains its all-season traction.

  • All-Season Traction

    MULTIPLE 3D SIPES & NOTCHED BLOCKS: Grip on snowy roads is improved thanks to hundred of 3D sipes and notched block design.

  • Shorter Wet Braking

    ASYMMETRIC GROOVE ARRANGEMENT: Deep circumferential grooves allow more water to escape the contact area to provide powerful wet braking. The grooves asymmetric arrangement adds stability to the outside of the tread for a confident wet handling.

  • Quieter Ride

    OUTSIDE ADAPTIVE SHOULDERS: Provides more stability to the shoulder blocks assuring even wear and a smoother, quieter ride throughout the life of the tire.