• Long Treadlife - Optimized Contact Patch

    When a tire has better contact with the road, it helps to create more even treadwear, extending the life of your tire. AVID ENVigor's Optimized Contact Patch maximizes road contact, and provides the added benefit of improved traction through all seasons.

  • Enhanced Comfort - Six Pitch Variation Pitch Tread Variation

    Tread pattern design is a significant factor in determining road noise. AVID ENVigor's Six Size and Shape Variations provide a tremendously smooth, quiet ride.

  • Performance - Angled Groove Walls

    The Angled Cuts in the AVID ENVigor's groove walls are designed to help speed water evacuation and keep tires performing at peak ability.

  • Fuel Efficiency - Unique Profile

    Yokohama reduces resistance by incorporating a Unique Profile, which helps reduce the weight and friction of the tread area, allowing your tire to roll easier.

  • Performance - Unibloc Shoulder and Tapered Center Rib

    With the Unibloc Shoulder and Tapered Center Rib handling goes to the next level with our UNIBLOC Shoulder and Tapered Center Rib that make for unparalleled control in either wet or dry conditions.

  • Performance - 3D Sipes

    Maintain superior winter and wet traction with these Adaptive 3D Sipes, they actually change shape as the tire wears helping to ensure longer, safer driving.