• Traction - Circumferential Grooves

    To get the most enhanced wet traction we've added 4 Wide Circumferential Grooves to quickly and efficiently expel water.

  • Reduced Noise - Solid Center Rib

    This Solid Center Rib helps reduce pattern noise and enhance overall comfort.

  • Handling - Solid Center Rib

    This Solid Center Rib maintains continuous contact with the road for confident handling.

  • Long, Even Wear - Solid Centered Rib

     This Solid Center Rib maintains continuous road contact, improving lateral stability and minimizing uneven wear.

  • Traction - Variable Angled Grooves

     Optimize your contact with the road and get enhanced traction when cornering. Angled Grooves provide a tremendous benefit to your driving experience.

  • Long, Even Wear - Groove in Groove helps reduce uneven treadwear, while also improving handling, resisting abrasion and evacuating water more efficiently. All these benefits come courtesy of our innovative via Groove-in-Groove Technology.

  • Handling - Large Shoulder Blocks

    Get amazing control around corners with the design benefit of Large Shoulder Blocks.